Sunday, October 15, 2006

Easy mistakes to make!

#1 The writing on the wall
When illustrating 'Belshazzars Feast' in the book of Daniel, remember to position the hand to the left of the finished writing on the wall.
Not the right, as shown in most children's Bibles. Remember, Hebrew is written from right to left!

#2 Crossing the Jordan
When illustrating the crossing of the Jordan in Joshua ch3-4. Remember that if you were stood on the banks of the Jordan facing Jericho, the flow of the water would be from right to left. This means that when the water banked up allowing the children of Israel to cross, it would bank up on the right side of them. Not the left as shown in some Bibles.

The Bible says that the Jordan actually receded a few miles upstream, To the city of Adam,(v16) where the waters heaped up. Therefore no wall of water would have been in view as the israelites crossed the Jordan. It is more dramatic though when you can see the wall of water! Although, the waters receding back many miles in both directions, (when the priests feet touched the water), must have been a fairly awesome sight too!

Interestingly, this is almost the same spot where the 'Baptism of Jesus' took place many years later. How much more would the waters of the Jordan have wanted to recede back at that event!

#3 The Star of David
Many Bible artists use the 'Star of David' as a Jewish symbol in their Bible pictures. For instance on decorative panels in synagogues etc. This symbol wasn't used till much later. Images of the 'Menorah' have been around for a lot longer, so perhaps a menorah would be a more suitable image. Any other suggestions?

#4 The High Priests Breastplate.
If you've gone to the trouble of researching the colors of all twelve of the precious stones on the breastplate of the High Priest, (which you should). Remember that, as Hebrew is written from right to left, It's probable that the first stone mentioned would appear top right, and the last stone mentioned would appear bottom left.
Many years ago, I illustrated a life size 'High priest' in oils on canvas, for an evangelist friend of ours. One mistake I made, which I later changed, was to illustrate the two chains that attach the top corners of the Breastplate to the two shoulder settings, as link chains. They should have been 'wreathen' or 'braided' chains, which are more like ropes, and much stronger.

#5 Cover the Ark.
Remember to illustrate the Ark of the Covenant under cover when in transit. (See the 'Covering the Ark' post).
Also remember that the Cherubs over the Ark had four wings, not two. (See the 'Drawing Angels' post).

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