Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Biblical Illustrator Magazine

Have you had a look along the shelfs of your local newsagents shop recently?
It's amazing just how many different topics are covered by magazines nowadays. There seems to be a magazine for literally every taste!
I was very excited last week when I came across 'Biblical illustrator' magazine!
My first thoughts were "Wow! They've brought out a magazine for Bible illustrators!" However, on closer inspection, I realized that 'Biblical illustrator magazine' is not actually intended for Bible illustrators, It's for anyone interested in Bible study. (Which is just as well as there are not that many Bible illustrators around!) Having said that, It is most likely a great magazine for Bible illustrators.
'Biblical Illustrator' Magazine, (which has been in existence since 1974), is available quarterly and contains "vivid portraits of Bible lands, people and customs. Maps, and breathtaking color photos!" The magazine is published by Lifeway, and also includes "well-researched articles related to Lifeway Sunday School lessons".

See some sample articles in pdf format here, and here.
This looks like a really interesting magazine! Also available is 'Biblical illustrator plus' which is a CD-ROM "that provides content identical to the magazine, plus quick access to more than 200 pages of study material and much more".
I'm ordering my copy now!