Friday, November 17, 2006

Need Bible pictures?

Don't forget to check out the 'Bible picture site'
We now have a new domain name ''. This will be the web address of our 'new U.S. site' based in Philadelphia. This site will be in U.S. dollars and should provide an even better service to all our customers in the U.S. At the moment this address will connect to the main 'Visual Impact Resources' site, until the new site is complete.

We have already completed over 100 stories from the Old and New Testaments! They include over 640 pictures so far.
Each picture is hand drawn with brush and ink and digitally rendered.
All our picture sets are available as immediate downloads, for when you need those Bible pictures quickly!
Alternatively, you can order each picture set in A3 poster form. For those of you who are outside the U.K. A3 is 420mm x 297mm or 11 1/2x16 1/2 inches. The posters can be mounted onto a flipchart pad or laminated and used as flashcards.

We also have a range of 'Amazing 3D Bible pictures' available as Powerpoints or posters, for use with 3D glasses! Why not buy all the kids in your Sunday school/kids club a 3D viewer from 'here'. Then download a 'Bible story in Amazing 3D' from our 3D PowerPoints!
Our childrens 3D Bible storybooks make great Christmas presents too. There are 4 titles, and each book comes with a free 3D viewer!

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Being Roofless!

I Found a couple of interesting things out recently to do with synagogues that might be helpful to other Bible artists also.

1). Synagogues in the days of Jesus were often built without roofs!
Coming from Manchester, which is famous for it's rainfall, the concept of a roofless building is a strange one! I don't think I've ever yet seen a Bible illustration that depicts an open-air synagogue, so watch this space!

Speaking of roofs, (or lack of them), Paul Beck left some helpful comments about them on my 'No more Domes'. post. Check it out! (Thanks Paul).

2). Synagogues were built on high ground
Whenever possible, synagogues were built at the highest point of a town or city. So, If you happen to be showing an external view of one, remember to illustrate the buildings around at a lower level.

It was also the practice of those involved in 'Idol worship' to build their temples on high ground, the idea being that they were closer to the false deities that they worshiped, (Sun Gods, Moon gods, etc). These are referred to in the Old Testament as 'The high places'.

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