Monday, November 19, 2012

Acts 13 Paul on Cyprus

The first part of Acts 13 follows Paul on one of his missionary journeys to Cyprus. The story is told in 5 pictures. Picture 1 shows the church at Antioch laying hands on Paul & Barnabus sending them on their way to preach the good news in Cyprus.
Picture 2 (left) shows Paul and Barnabus boarding ship at Seleucia.

Picture 3 shows Paul preaching in one of the synagogues of Salamis. After traveling across the island they came to Paphos where they were summoned by the proconsul Sergius Paulus who desired to hear the word of God. In picture 4 (right)
we see Barnabus, Paul and John, who had now joined them, arriving at the proconsul's seaside villa. Stood to one side is Bar-Jesus, (or Elymas), who was a Jewish sorcerer, false prophet and attendant of Sergius Paulus. He's clearly not pleased to see Paul and his companions!

As Paul explains the Gospel to Sergius, Elymas the sorcerer tries to discourage him from listening. The final picture shows Paul rebuking Elymas who has now lost his sight and is groping around. Sergius Paulus is amazed at what he sees and hears.