Friday, April 27, 2007

DC comics 'Stories from the Bible'

Had a reply recently to an email I sent to Joe Kubert.

For anyone who doesn't know who Joe Kubert is, he is one of the great American comic book artists who worked during the 'Golden and Silver age' of comics for DC. Famous for his work on 'Sgt Rock' and 'Hawkman' amongst others.

I had asked him if any more issues had been printed from the DC Comics 'Stories from the Bible' series which he edited, and Carmine Infantino had published back in the mid 70's.

Mr Kubert told me that although he was Jewish and proud of it, he had fully intended producing the entire Bible, including both Old and New Testament stories in the 'Stories from the Bible' series. Unfortunately, because the workload on him at the time was so great, the series never passed issue one!
Issue one, for those who haven't seen it, covered from 'Creation' to 'Sodom & Gomorrah', and was illustrated by the late Nestor Redondo.

This is one of those 'what if' projects, where we are left to wonder about the amazing artwork that might have been!
Sadly, I can't imagine DC comics or Marvel ever attempting to do a project like this again.
More about Joe Kubert here.