Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Contents of the Ark?

We have our first question from Nathan P. Daniel (Jumbo), which I've pasted below.

"I am putting together my own still life for a drawing class of mine, I figured out a good Biblical one to do: the items that were placed inside the ark of the covenant, which served as a testimony of what the Lord has done. So far, I've written out the Ten Commandments in the Proto-Sinaitic script most likely used for Hebrew in that day and did some brief research."

"I was wondering if you might have any other pointers on these items. I know that an omer is about 2 liters, but I'm not sure what kind of jar was used in that day. I also looked up coriander seeds, which appear to be about 4 mm in diameter, and I just figure if I find some I can paint them white and fill that jar with them. What would work as a good alternative to these, especially since I want to scale things down some? Also, Aaron's rod budded, but what type of plant/flower budded from it?"

"Thank you for your time; unfortunately I have to have most of this for class on Thursday, so its kind of short notice. This should make for a very interesting shopping trip."

To start the ball rolling, I was told not long ago by a Jewish believer who had studied this subject that the two tablets of stone that contained the 'Ten Commandments' did not have five commandments on each as is often depicted in children's Bibles, but had the full 10 commands on each one! This is a subject that I've not studied yet so we would appreciate any help readers can give. And, as you can see from Nathans email, he needs some answers pretty quick-!!
Many thanks!

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Monday, February 25, 2008

Any Questions?

I was very impressed by the response to the question I asked a few weeks ago in the 'Road to Emmaus' post. I received 12 responses in one day! which more than adequately answered my question.

This got me thinking that the 'Bible illustration blog' is a great place for Bible artists to ask those tricky questions about Bible stories before they illustrate them!

So, if you have any Bible story related questions that you need a quick answer to, email me, and I'll add your question as a post! We have over 100 visitors a day now, so there's a good chance your question will be answered pretty much straight away!

P.S. Bible Art related questions only please!