Saturday, June 14, 2008

More Biblical costume photos!

Yesterday, I found out that our new artist Graeme has friends in high places! It turns out that Graeme's brother is married to a young lady from Nazareth whose uncle is on the board of the Nazareth Village Project! George Khalil is not only on the board, he is also a carpenter in the village itself, and uses carpentry methods from the times of Jesus! Please spare a minute to visit George's website where you can purchase beautiful gifts from the Holy Land. George also works as administrator of Emmaus Bible School, who I illustrated a book for about 16 years ago!

I emailed George yesterday, and he very kindly sent me some superb photo's from the Nazareth Village to be displayed on Please take a look.

My thanks again to George Khalil, and to Graeme for putting us in contact!
Photo: © George Khalil 2008

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