Saturday, November 10, 2012

Acts 12 - Peter's Escape.

Acts 12 describes Peters miraculous escape from prison. We've retold the story in 5 pictures. Picture 1 shows Peter asleep in a moonlit cell while chained to two guards. Picture 2 shows the cell now filled with angelic light as an angel stands before Peter.

Picture 3 (left) shows Peter being led across the prison courtyard by the angel as the gates open before him. We can see the shadow of the large iron gates beyond these also opening. A Roman guard is dozing by the fire. If you've read 'The Heavenly Man' you'll recall that Liu Zhenying (Brother Yun) had a very similar experience to this when escaping from Zhengzhou Maximum Security prison.

Picture 4 (right) shows Peter knocking at the door of his fellow believers. I've done this picture like a split-screen to show both Peter knocking and the reaction of the girl who recognizes his voice. The final picture shows Peter reunited with his friends. He's sharing with them the story of his miraculous escape!