Saturday, September 22, 2007

Can you help?

It's almost a year since the 'Bible illustration blog' was launched. Over 12,000 visitors have viewed almost 36.000 pages since it began.

The 'Bible picture website' now has almost 900 registered customers in over 30 countries worldwide! From Greenland to Guatemala, and from Hong Kong to Haiti. Although this sounds healthy, In internet terms, we are still relatively unknown. The 'Bible picture website' won't become self financing until we at least double our present customer base. This is where you can help!

There are two ways that you can help us to make the site more widely known:
1). If you have a website, no matter how small, you could link to

As a thank-you, I will be adding a section for reciprocal links titled 'Sites that link to us'. This will appear below the blogroll in the right hand column. (It should be noted that the 'Bible illustration blog' may not agree with the views expressed in these sites).

2). If you click on the above poster, you can download a larger version which shows samples of our Bible pictures. This poster can be printed out and displayed on either a Church notice board, in a Christian coffee shop, a Christian bookshop, or perhaps on a school staff notice board.

If you can help us by completing either of the above requests, please let us know via email so that we can say thanks! I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of our regular customers for their custom and support over the years.

There are some who have emailed me, who would like to support us, but they are not involved in running a children's club or Sunday school. We have been thinking about producing sets of notelets using the Bible pictures, and possibly jigsaws or calendars using our images. This would be a way for those, who are not involved in youth work, to show their support by buying such products from our website. Let us know if this would appeal to you.

The Bible picture website is not only striving to produce high quality, Biblically accurate pictures for those involved in presenting the Bible message to children, we are also producing Bible Exhibitions that tour schools across the U.K and Germany. If you would like to support this work, or would like more information click here.
Many thanks again & God bless.