Saturday, January 31, 2015

Keith Neely KickStarter Bible Project

You may remember reading the interview with Bible artist Keith Neely back in 2007. If not, check it out! Keith emailed me last week about a Kickstarter project he's started - Click above or read the details below:

At last there is a good possibility I’ll be able to go to press and print the very first NASB illustrated Bible.  The project is the complete Bible and is Word for Word NASB text. (New American Standard Bible) I say  “a good possibility” because it is a “Kickstarter” project. (An Internet Site that funds creative projects.) If I FAIL to reach my goal amount within 30 days, I receive nothing. The minimal donation pledge is $65 and is not processed unless the goal amount is reached. The gift that you will receive, for your donation, is a copy of the book with your name printed in it as a contributor. (Note: The price of the complete NASB illustrated Bible on 2 CDs is $69.90 and the cost of the complete ICB illustrated Bible in 10 paperbacks is $99.50) So actually, you will simply be buying it in advance of the printing at a small discount. I don’t think I have to tell you the importance of this FIRST edition being available to countless children all over this country who would never read a Bible on their own, let alone follow, understand, enjoy and remember what they read. Remember, ALL the other “comic book” Bibles are re-written “Stories” from the Bible. Ours is an actual and accurate Translation in graphic novel form. If you don’t know of any children to give this Bible to yourself, please email this letter to everyone you can. Here is the fastest way to see my project: Go to “” (Official site or Discover projects.) and in the Search Projects box type “NASB” , click in the picture that pops up and there you are. There are thousands of projects so mine could get lost unless I get some activity and move up. If you have any questions, go to “Kickstarter Help Center” Thank you so much for any involvement, Keith Neely

There's about 12 days left to raise the cash needed, so if you like the sound of this project head on over to I would be interested to know of any other kickstarter projects relating to children's illustrated Bibles.

Friday, January 30, 2015

The Missing Blog!

One of the main reasons that I've not been blogging for a while is that I'd been feeling a little despondent after losing my old Blog. I've had a few emails from readers asking "why the blog has changed?" and "where had all the great links gone?" This is how it happened - Unfortunately, I was tempted by Google to try out one of their new templates. It said in the blurb that if I didn't like it, then I could click a button and 'Hey Presto' my old blog would return. Well, I tried a new template, didn't like it, clicked the button to return to my old template and a notice came up saying that I couldn't have my old blog back as the html coding was up-the-creek! Not in those exact words but words to that effect.

For anyone who didn't see the old blog - there were links to other Bible picture resource sites, links to many Christian and Jewish Bible Artists, links to Bible artist resource sites covering everything from buildings, clothing, customs etc etc. The were easy to find links to the most interesting posts including Bible artist interviews. And on top of all that everything was colour coded - which is the reason why my photo is green! All the links had been gathered over the last 8 years and were all neatly displayed in lists down the side of the page. I have saved all the html coding in the hope that I might meet someone who knows about html coding and could fix any errors that I've done. But, I'm still not sure that Google would let me go back to an old template even if I did that - It looked so much better though.

The only other thing to do is to find a template that allows you to make lists down the side and start again! If anyone out there can advise me I would greatly appreciate it. I wanted to include a picture of my old blog on this post but I couldn't even find one!!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

NTM Bible Pictures

Today is day 4 of my week long 'Blogathon' and I'm still on track - but only just!

Today I wanted to give an update on the set of 209 pictures that were completed a while ago for New Tribes Mission. All 209 pictures are available now to buy on DVD for $59.95 click here for more info. The pictures are being used in some of the remotest places on the planet by NTM missionaries.

Mike Henderson from New Tribes Mission has, very kindly, been keeping me up-to-date by sending me photos, (and the odd movie), of the pictures in use - they are wonderful and humbling to see. (Thanks Mike!) Also thanks to Robin and Rosemary Griffiths.

I thought it might be nice to share some of these pictures below. hope you like them. Click on the pictures for a better view!

lbaloi Church leaders see the pictures for the first time:
A display of the pictures in Santani town, Indonesia.:
Working with the Pwo Karen tribe, Thailand:
The Mwinika tribe hear the Gospel in Mozambique, PTL!:
Below are some screen shots from a short subtitled clip where four of the men, (Aziana tribe), who are helping with translation discuss the pictures from the Tower of Babel set. (Papua New Guinea).
Photos ©NTM 2015

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

New Website!

Last week saw the launch of our New Website! Most of the pages are up and running apart from the 'STORE' that will eventually be selling all our latest Bible picture sets. Hopefully this will be live soon but with over a thousand pictures to put up it might take a while!!

Joni Hudson has taken some amazing photos of the camp site and YOU MUST check out his film clips on our Foundation Matters Facebook page - they are stunning!

The Camp and training centre are now up and running too and many successful children's camps have already taken place and more bookings are coming in for 2015.

Please take a moment and browse our website - your prayers and support are greatly appreciated.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Kuzmino Chronicles

Today is Holocaust Memorial Day here in the UK. A few weeks ago I was sent a book written by my good friend Dr Nathan Moskowitz. KUZMINO CHRONICLES: Memoirs of Teenage Holocaust Survival documents the turbulent Holocaust saga of Leib and Gittel Moskowitz, (Nathan's parents), in their own words.

Leib and Gittel Moskowitz were both born and raised in Kuzmino, a small town in Transcarpathia, in what was then Czechoslovakia. As children they hardly knew each other. In May 1944 when they were both 15 years old, they and their families were herded off to Auschwitz in cattle cars... Both miraculously survived their ordeals and after liberation spent many years waiting to go to the USA. Lieb spent this time in a Displaced Persons camp in Germany while Gittel spent these same years in the UK, (Manchester and Burnley!) Their separate life trajectories re-converged when they both settled in New York where they became reaquainted, married and raised a family.

The book contains many corroboratory historical documents and photos juxtaposed alongside their memoirs. It's an incredibly stirring account - I highly recommend it. I'm going to make sure that the Manchester Jewish Museum gets a copy!


Dr Bat Ami-Zucker, Department of History, Bar-Ilan University

Monday, January 26, 2015

Good News Bible interview

My sincere apologies for the long delay since the last post! To make up for it, I'm going to try and publish one blog every day for a week! (I did say try). Here we go with the first one!
The interview with Annie Vallotton, first published on this blog back in September 2008, has been reprinted in the latest editions of the Good News Bible! There are three editions - 'Rainbow' for children, 'New Life' for teens to young adults and 'Sunrise' for the rest of us! All three editions include the interview and some of Annie Vallotton's pictures that have never been published before! Last summer there was an exhibition of Annie's pictures on display at St
Martin in the Fields, Trafalgar Square, London. (I know, I know, I should have blogged about it then!) I had the wonderful opportunity of seeing Annie's pictures in the flesh! This was the first time the pictures have ever been on display! It was a very grand event complete with Cellist - top marks to HarperCollins! Paula Taquet-Woolfolk came over from Paris especially for the event so it was wonderful to finally meet her. (Picture right). Paula originally interviewed Annie in Paris for the Bible illustration blog. Paula gave a little speech and shared a few memories of her meetings with Annie.
Many of the pictures were framed with the original acetate overlay complete with the red block. (see left). This was the old way of adding a tint to a picture. Some of you older artists reading this will remember using these overlays. (I certainly do!) The hand written text along the bottom of the picture says "WHILE DAVID AND ALL THE PEOPLE OF ISRAEL DANCED..." The interview is easy to find - they couldn't have printed it any closer to the back - it's on the very last page! It's also an edited version of the interview! But don't worry, you can still read the full one here!