Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Question 2!

Our second Bible illustration related question comes from Matt in the States:

"I'm working on kid's bible coloring pages and was about to do one with Paul in prison, but realized that I've no idea what type of prison it would be. Would it be man made, or a hole in the wall? Also what would Paul be writing his letters on?..and with what? (inkpot and quill?). I suppose that's 3 questions..either way, thanks for whatever guidance you can give".

It would be very useful for all Bible artists to know the answers to these 3 questions. As always, all comments will be greatly appreciated!

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Ask Moses!

Just wondered if anyone else has used This is an online resource that answers questions about all aspects of Judaism. The resource is open to both Jews and non Jews alike. The questioner is connected to one of many Rabbis via a live link, who then attempt to answer your question in real time! I've used it twice now, and it has been helpful.

This can be a handy resource for Bible artists who may need a quick answer about a particular detail of a Jewish custom. Bear in mind though that all the questions that Bible artists ask relate to customs practiced over 2,000 years ago which may differ in some aspects to those practiced today, and you may not get connected to a rabbi whose speciality is ancient Judaism.

The question I asked today was prompted by my seeing some Bible illustrations that depicted bare foot worshippers in a synagogue! This bothered me as I normally show normal footwear being worn inside the New Testament synagogue or Temple, and I didn't want to get such a basic detail wrong! This sounds like quiet an easy question but even 'Googling' didn't reveal the answer!

The answer that came back from Rabbi Jacobson was brief, but to the point!
"Not bare feet". Later in our conversation he confirmed to me that normal footwear, (sandals etc), would have been worn inside the synagogue. That was a relief!
Thanks again Rabbi Jacobson!