Saturday, July 12, 2008

'The Prophets'

I've just received today a complimentary signed copy of 'The Prophets' from Diana Shimon in Israel. This is Volume 3 of 'The Testimony' which when completed will be an entire Children's Bible in Hebrew. 'The Prophets' covers all fifteen of the Old Testament prophets from Isaiah to Malachi, and is published by, and available from, HaGefen Publishing in Israel.

This is a truly beautiful book which contains over 150 of Diana's superb illustrations. This is the first Hebrew book that I've owned and although I know that Hebrew is written from right to left, it still takes you by surprise to see the front cover on the back of the book and the back cover on the front! (if you know what I mean).
The illustrations are amazingly detailed and historically accurate. Diana has spent a lot of time researching her subject, and it shows! She has done much research into plants, trees, clothing, (civilian and military), architecture, animals, customs etc, etc, and all painted in such detail!

Volumes 1 and 2 are pictured right and together with Volume 3 complete the Old Testament. Diane asks for prayer as they continue to work on Volume 4. I'm looking forward to seeing that one too. Many thanks Diana!

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Friday, July 11, 2008

V.I.R. News Update #2

Visual Impact Resources
My apologies for not updating the blog recently. I've been busy finishing off the pictures for the 'Life of Jesus' Bible Exhibition stands. I'm pleased to say that all 141 pictures are now complete! I finished the last picture today! (The picture above shows one of the six exhibition stands).
The exhibition will initially tour schools in the U.K. and Germany. We have also just received a request from the Metropolitan Mission for an exhibition in India too. If you would like to help out in this valuable work, or you would like to request an exhibition, contact Jem Hudson.

Now the exhibition is finished, I can get back to producing Bible picture powerpoints for the Bible Picture Website.

Camp and Training Centre update
If you're a regular visitor to Jem Hudson's blog you'll know all about the proposed Camp and Training Centre. Planning permission for the development was given the go ahead last month by South Derbyshire District Council.
Jem, his wife Sue and the boys have now sold their house and moved into a caravan on the 10 acre site. The centre, when finished, will cater for 60 people plus leaders and will have outdoor activities which will include football pitches, water sports, climbing walls etc, as well as woodland walks. There's also a cafe and bookshop planned. The site is not too far from the famous Sherwood Forrest!  
For more information and updates on the Camp progress visit Jem's blog.

Blog update
Readers of the Bible illustration blog continue to grow in number, (mostly from North America). The month of May saw our weekly number of visitors passing the 1,000 mark for the first time! Thank you again to all the regular readers and contributors. Although I've not posted for a couple of weeks I have been busy in the background, and there are some interesting things in the pipeline for the blog. Watch this space!

Some of you C.E.F. leaders have been eagerly awaiting the outcome of our discussions with C.E.F since the last update. Sadly, C.E.F. Europe decided not to use our Bible pictures in the end which is a shame as I was looking forward to working with them. Maybe if you all complain to head office, they'll change their mind! ;0)

I've just realized that it's almost exactly one year since the last 'V.I.R. News Update!' Where does the time go?

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