Friday, July 13, 2007

Latest V.I.R. News Update!

We had a call last week from C.E.F. Europe, with a view to us producing Bible pictures for them! C.E.F. Europe run over 3,000 children's clubs across Europe reaching 400,000 children each year, and their resources are produced in 29 languages!
A chap from C.E.F. is flying to the U.K. to meet us in a few days. We are hoping that we can work together with C.E.F. in the future.

United Beach Mission are using our resources on a national scale this year.
Their teams will be out in force around the coasts of the u.k. during the summer months, (that's if we get a summer this year, it's like the monsoon season at the moment!) Please pray for the U.B.M. teams.

'New Tribes' continue to use our resources, in fact our very first internet sale was to a missionary in Greenland! Here's a photo of our pictures being used by missionaries in Thailand.

Free Bible coloring pictures!
We were asked a while ago if we could help out some missionaries in Guatemala by supplying them with coloring pictures to go with their Bible lessons for children:
"Aventura a trav├ęs de La Biblia"
This is something that I am trying to do in my 'downtime' (which I don't have much of!)
Each picture has a Bible memory verse in Spanish and will also be made available for free download via the 'Sermons4kids' site in the U.S. Watch this space!
2,500 children in Guatemala will be using these pictures every week! So it's a worthwhile project.

'Judging the Competition'
I have been asked by Nate Butler, (President of ICC) if I would take part as a judge in the second 'International Christian Comics Competition'. There will be a judge from each continent so it's truly an 'International' event.
I'm really looking forward to viewing the competition entries.
You can view all the entries to the competition here. Enjoy!

'New 3D Books!'
We have four new 3D books in the pipeline! The new 3D conversions of our latest Bible pictures look really stunning! (Thanks Jim). Can't wait for these new books to come out!
That will give V.I.R. ten titles in all, and 60,000 books in print! 'Small fry' in publishing terms, but we're pleased that the books are continuing to sell well! I'll let you know when we have a publishing date for the new titles.

We would appreciate your prayers for all the above projects.