Saturday, December 08, 2007

Did Adam and Eve have a belly button?

This is one of those questions that Bible artists hear a lot. When I first illustrated Adam & Eve many years ago, I have to admit, I hadn't really thought about it, and, like Rubens, (see picture), I did illustrate them with navels!

Looking at it logically, the navel is a type of scar left after childbirth. It was where the umbilical cord, that connected the fetus to the placenta, was attached in the womb. So, as Adam & Eve were not born but created, it makes sense that they wouldn't have a belly button.
Is the answer to this question that simple?

Nate Butler, president of 'Christian Comics International' on a recent trip to Japan had a discussion with some manga artists about how we should depict Adam & Eve in a 100% genetically correct way. I will ask Nate if he will share some of his thoughts in an article for the blog.

I would be interested in any other views on this subject.