Sunday, February 14, 2010

New Bible Picture website Launched!

Our brand new website is finally live! Click here to visit the new 'Bible Picture website'. You can now view every picture in each picture set, in large format!
We are asking all of our previous 'Visual Impact Resources' customers, (and all new customers), to register on the new 'Foundation Matters' website. Registration only takes a minute to complete, and we can then keep you up-to-date with news of each new picture set as it becomes available.

All of our new picture sets which have been completed over the last two years are now ready to view. We've had one or two teething problems where the thumbnail pictures have jumped out of sequence but don't worry, when you receive each powerpoint all the pictures will be in the correct order!

Those of you who are familiar with the old 'Visual Impact Resources' website will be wondering where all the older picture sets have gone. (We had over 100 Bible stories already illustrated but in a less detailed, or cartoon, style). All these picture sets are still available and will be slowly added back onto the new site under the heading 'Previous Series'. So, if you can't find the story you're looking for, drop a quick email to Jem Hudson.
We wanted to concentrate first of all in getting all the recent pictures, (done over the last two years), onto the web for the first time!

The picture above is from our recently finished picture set which tells the story of 'Abraham and Isaac'.
There are six pictures in this set which brings our total Bible picture count to 827. Don't forget to check out the new website here!