Monday, February 19, 2007

A Good Read!

I'm reading an excellent book that I came across recently by Anne Punton.
'The World Jesus Knew' is full of very useful information for Bible artists.
Anne Punton worked for CMJ , (Church's Ministry among Jewish people), for 12 years in Israel, which explains her knowledge of Jewish culture and traditions.

She goes into great detail on Biblical clothing, the construction of buildings, the methods and tools of agriculture, the landscape and climate of the Holy land, and lots more. It's one of those rare reference books that you can't put down! If you're illustrating the Bible, you need this book!

You can obtain copies easily from Amazon. It's published by Moody .
ISBN 0-8024-2480-5

I recently found out that CMJ, (in the UK), owns a collection of 300 year old 'biblical' costumes. I've been emailing them to see if they would release photos of them, either via their own website, or this blog. This would be an excellent reference resource for Bible artists. Although 300 year old clothing is by no means ancient, apparently, middle-eastern clothing changed very little in the period between.
I've no had replies to my emails as yet, but I'll keep trying!

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Anonymous said...

I have inherited a few pictures
Of biblical scenes by harold copping
Clipped together in a file. I also
Have what would appear to be original
Prints with copyright from london 1825
Any idea on value or where I can take
Them to for valuation. I am in knysna
South africa. My email is
If any suggestions please email me.