Monday, February 25, 2008

Any Questions?

I was very impressed by the response to the question I asked a few weeks ago in the 'Road to Emmaus' post. I received 12 responses in one day! which more than adequately answered my question.

This got me thinking that the 'Bible illustration blog' is a great place for Bible artists to ask those tricky questions about Bible stories before they illustrate them!

So, if you have any Bible story related questions that you need a quick answer to, email me, and I'll add your question as a post! We have over 100 visitors a day now, so there's a good chance your question will be answered pretty much straight away!

P.S. Bible Art related questions only please!

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Bible artist said...

When we get a few interesting questions and answers together, I might add a separate 'Q&A' section in the right hand column.