Sunday, February 08, 2009

'The Messiah in the Temple' project

Herod's Temple
This is an item I came across today on Dr Leen Ritmeyers website.

'The Messiah in the Temple' project is in the process of developing a 3D visual media presentation of the Temple in Jerusalem at the time of Jesus. When it's complete, this looks like it will be a very helpful resource for Bible artists who need to visualize the Temple and its surroundings in their Bible pictures. This promises to be a very accurate portrayal of the Temple as both Dr Roger Liebe and Dr Leen Ritmeyer are advisors to the production team. You can read more about this fascinating project on 'The Messiah in the Temple' website. I look forward to seeing the completed film.

To give you an idea of just how helpful 3D digital models of the Temple can be for Bible artists, check out this clip on Youtube.

Finally, and while on the subject of Bible film projects, I was contacted recently by Gaines Johnson of Johnson Imagineering. He asked me if I could put the word out to Bible illustrators that he needs artwork, based on Creation, for an upcoming film project. For more details contact Gaines Johnson.
Image © The Messiah in the Temple project 2009

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Paul Green said...

This 3D imaging is also useful for writers wanting to establish a scene. There are some great images within this demonstration film. If I have a complaint it would be the dizzying camera moves and quirky angles that really serve no purpose. Slow down and let the viewer have time to digest a scene rather than speeding through everything. It isn't a video game. It's an educational tool.

deboraw said...

Yes, but it is interesting. Of course I'm going through the 'Life of Christ' with my little people, and we are at the cleansing of the temple, so this is quite informative and helpful. Yes, Graham, I used your picture of Jesus casting out the money changers this morning, and it does help to have good illustrations. Thank you, and for the answer on the last post, also. Although, I'm still trying to put it into my picture of the temple. Smile, Deboraw

Unknown said...

Thanks for mentioning my movie project in your blog. For those interested in viewing a short preview clip, or for more information, please goto: "In the beginning"

Bible artist said...


I suppose they are trying to show you as much of the Temple as they can within the time limit. 

What would be really great for Bible artists would be the whole Temple complex as a digital environment that you can walk around. Then you could stand at a certain point in the Temple and look around to choose the best viewpoint for your picture!

Thanks Deboraw. It would help you to get a plan view of the Temple complex. There are a few on the internet.

deboraw said...

Graham, I was coming to that conclusion myself. I've been so busy with the 'temple' up close and personal like, I've missed the 'big picture'. You say, plan view of the temple complex? a bird's eye view with something like a map that tells which way is N-S-E-and West would be helpful. LOL Thank you for your patience. Deboraw

Bible artist said...

If you have trouble finding one let me know and I will email you one.