Wednesday, November 23, 2011

NTM Pictures finished!

The 'New Tribes Mission' pictures are finally complete! There are 210 pictures in the new set which is exactly double the number of pictures in the old set which were painted 26 years ago by Filipino artist Carlos 'Caloy' Gabuco.

I've had to make a number of changes to my pictures, (over 60 in all), in order to make them more biblically/historically accurate. Thankfully there have been many expert eyes on the project, not only guiding me on matters relating to biblical topics but helping me to understand how to present certain topics clearly to pre-literate people groups - I have very much appreciated their input!

Preparing pictures to assist missionaries in their presentation of the Bible message has been a great privilege and responsibility. I can't think of a more worthwhile use of an artist's/illustrator's time though and I would encourage other artists to pursue this vocation.
In many cases these pictures give the very first glimpse of the outside world to be seen by remote people groups - so you do feel a certain amount of responsibility there too! I've already had feedback about how fascinated one group were to learn how early civilizations could build buildings using mud! Moulding and baking bricks in the sun, as is shown in the 'Tower of Babel' set, was a completely new concept to them!

It's hard to imagine that there are still 2,500 people groups that are unreached with the Gospel! The next step is to get all the picture sets printed, laminated and distributed to the 3,000 NTM missionaries working in the field. If you would like to help towards the cost of printing, click here. Many thanks if you have donated already!
Please remember the work of NTM in your prayers.


Unknown said...

That is encouraging news!
I know it was a long project for you and may have felt more like a marathon than a race at times.

NTM are doing a great work and will make good use of these "sharpened tools" in their hands.

deboraw said...

Good to hear from you again, Graham. It is such a necessary work you are doing!

Juan Carcache said...

Thank you for your excitement, it is an inspiration for those who have also received the call to work in the field of sacred art and have the Spirit of Prophecy within.

Anonymous said...

Would you be willing to share a thumbnails of the Tabernacle portion of your images. I'd be more than happy to post them on my blog (providing credit and links back, of'course).


Bible artist said...

Many thanks Tim! Remembering you and the work of CEF also. It's really great that Bible artists are praying for each other and their projects too.

Many thanks Deboraw! Always good to hear from you.

Thanks Aleksandr. The © on the pictures is held by 'Foundation Matters' so you would need to email Jem Hudson directly. Click on the 'Bible picture website' link and you will find his details there.

Anonymous said...

Ok, thanks BA. I'll do that. Great work anyway. Even if your illustrations not the most accurate ones, they are still very nice and inspiring.

Bible artist said...

Thanks.....I think.

Matt Baker said...

Hi Graham,
Is there a way to buy ALL your bible illustrations in one go, for one (reduced?) price, or is the only way to buy them as the individual package downloads from the site? I'm uber-keen to buy the full set of everything you've done, but it's pretty pricey if I'm going to have to buy each individual set.
And congratulations on all the artworks, by the way, they continue to inspire me in many ways, and I continue to refer to this site for reference in my own art.

God bless ya'.

Mom said...

Is it possible to order a set of these pictures? We work in China and the old set of 105 pictures is an amazingly helpful tool to use here. I would like to get another old set or the new set, whichever is available. I can't find any place to purchase them. My email is Thanks!