Monday, September 17, 2012

Shanah Tovah!

Rosh Hashanah is here again so I'd like to wish "Shanah Tovah" to all our Jewish readers. As we enter into the Jewish Year 5773 this is the perfect time to promote the new book by my good friend, and fellow Bible artist, Nahum HaLevi.
Nahum is a regular contributor to the B.I.B. and his new book 'The Color of Prophecy' contains 15 reproductions of his beautifully colorful oil paintings along with incredibly detailed descriptions of each, giving the reader a deeper insight into Jewish religious thought.
By way of introduction I'd like to share with you part of the write-up from the back cover.
This book addresses those who have an interest in the visual arts, the Bible, or both. Although it is a Jewish-inspired book, it strikes a universal chord and broadly appeals to Jews, Christians, and those of all faiths who share a common love of the Bible and art.

Top marks to Gefen Publishing House for the fine reproduction of Nahum's paintings and the excellent print quality. They've done a superb job. You can order 'The Color of Prophecy' from Amazon or directly from the publisher here. 

I was very honored to be asked by Nahum to be one of those to write a comment promoting his book. If you want to check out my comment - you'll have to buy one!


Nahum said...

Thank you very much for your warm Rosh Hashana greetings, for your very complimentary book blurb, and for your extremely generous promotion of "Color of Prophecy".Your blurb beautifully enhances the book.
Wishing all a very sweet year.

Bible artist said...

It was my pleasure Nuhum, and an honor.

deboraw said...

How did this time of the year get here so quickly? Greetings to all!