Friday, January 30, 2015

The Missing Blog!

One of the main reasons that I've not been blogging for a while is that I'd been feeling a little despondent after losing my old Blog. I've had a few emails from readers asking "why the blog has changed?" and "where had all the great links gone?" This is how it happened - Unfortunately, I was tempted by Google to try out one of their new templates. It said in the blurb that if I didn't like it, then I could click a button and 'Hey Presto' my old blog would return. Well, I tried a new template, didn't like it, clicked the button to return to my old template and a notice came up saying that I couldn't have my old blog back as the html coding was up-the-creek! Not in those exact words but words to that effect.

For anyone who didn't see the old blog - there were links to other Bible picture resource sites, links to many Christian and Jewish Bible Artists, links to Bible artist resource sites covering everything from buildings, clothing, customs etc etc. The were easy to find links to the most interesting posts including Bible artist interviews. And on top of all that everything was colour coded - which is the reason why my photo is green! All the links had been gathered over the last 8 years and were all neatly displayed in lists down the side of the page. I have saved all the html coding in the hope that I might meet someone who knows about html coding and could fix any errors that I've done. But, I'm still not sure that Google would let me go back to an old template even if I did that - It looked so much better though.

The only other thing to do is to find a template that allows you to make lists down the side and start again! If anyone out there can advise me I would greatly appreciate it. I wanted to include a picture of my old blog on this post but I couldn't even find one!!


Paul Green said...

Sorry you lost all those links Graham. Lesson of the day - Don't trust Google. Checking out new templates should never result in you losing your original blog. On WordPress I check out templates all the time and change back and forth without losing info. Maybe you should try WordPress for a change.

Bible artist said...

The thing I like about Google blogger, and it's the only thing since I lost all my links, is that your posts seem to get up to page one, (on a Google search), pretty fast. Sometimes within 20 minutes!

I would like more options though like side columns to play with. That shouldn't be hard - you wouldn't think!

Paul Green said...

Since I began my Weird Westerns blog I regularly get offered free books to review - not always related to westerns. So now I'm a book reviewer as well. Just reviewing "The Anime Encyclopedia." Individual entries include hyperlinks that take you directly to online sites. A good idea in this digital age.

Bible artist said...

Sounds good Paul - I'll have to have a look for that one.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bible artist ;) Its Aleksandr Sigalov from
How are you?

Did you make anything from the Torah? Would love to see that!

Just saying hi

V Arkens said...

Dear Bible Artist,

I love reading your blog. Nicely personal and informative.

You said that you wanted to create a list down the side. I do this on my Blogger site by creating labels for posts. You can see this on my site: (I'm not too computer savvy, but it works for me.)