Wednesday, October 04, 2006

How to use our pictures.

There are many ways to use the Bible picture sets available from 'The Bible picture website'.
If you need Bible story pictures quickly, and have access to a digital projector, you can download the pictures directly from the site. Displaying the pictures as a powerpoint show via a digital projector is the best method for larger groups.

If you don't have access to a digital projector, you can order any of our Bible picture sets in A3 poster form. The posters can then be displayed on a flipchart easel. This method is more suitable for smaller groups.

The A3 posters can also be laminated and used outdoors for beach missions etc.
If you have a good A3 printer, you can always download the pictures from the website and print them out yourself!

We also provide '3D Bible picture sets' available as downloads or posters. I've used these in our church childrens club. We gave each child a 3D viewer and taped the 3D posters to a flipchart pad. They really hold the childrens attention!

The picture above of the crucifixion scene was printed onto a canvas (about 8' high by 12' long) and used by a church in the south of England as a backdrop for their Easter day service! If you have used our pictures in other novel ways, share it with us by leaving a post!
To download the picture above, free of charge, Click here.
There is also a free sermon outline to go with this picture here. Notice that the Cross is reflected in the breastplate of the Roman Centurion!

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Paul G said...

Excellent artwork Graham. The reaction of the people says it all.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I want to look at many of these bible pictures, but the links don't work! So frustrating, but I love your blog!

Bible artist said...

Hi Anonymous
Thanks for letting me know! For some strange reason all links to the website have gone down! We are looking into it now. Please check back again tomorrow. Hopefully it will be sorted by then!!

Unknown said...

Your Bible Illustrations are both visually stunning and culturally accurate. The best I have found. Having Spent the past 2 decades in the jungles of Papua New Guinea devoting our lives to translating the Bible into Solong language, we can't think of any illustrations we would rather use to grace the pages of the Solong Bible illustrating the stories being told. We know that the Solong people would treasure the beautiful illustrations and study each of them for hours. It is a shame that the licensing fees your organization charges to use them make your beautiful artwork beyond the reach of missionaries like us who don’t have a big organization or rich donors to cover the many thousands of dollars in extra cost it would add to the printing.

Bible artist said...

Hi Paul,
Thanks so much for the positive feedback. Leave this one with me. The main problem you have is likely to be the cost of colour printing. I suspect it will be a small print run? Have you thought about the option of black and white pictures? (greyscale). They still look good but should be a lot cheaper to print.

I'm just emailing people about your situation so I'll get back to you.