Wednesday, October 04, 2006

No more domes!

All Bible artists love their dome topped buildings! I know I do.
In-fact, a village just doesn't look biblical without a few domes scattered around..
Very rarely will you see a christmas card of Bethlehem without domes!

I was told many years ago however, that buildings around this period, didn't have domes! At least not in Israel.
This was confirmed to me recently in an email from Todd Bolen, professor of biblical studies in Jerusalem, and author of the excellent website

So, domes were architectural features that were added after the 'New Testament' period!
It's back to the drawing board for me, and no more domes!

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Paul Beck said...

House Roof Designs:
In Deut 22v8, house designs were by law to include a parapet to stop people falling off.
Walking on roofs would have been difficult with a dome. We find several instances where roofs were used by people eg.
Judges 16v27 3,000 people watched Samson from the roof of the temple.
1 Samuel 9v25. Samuel talked with Saul on the roof of the house.
2 Samuel 11v2 David walked around the roof of the palace, and saw a woman bathing.

Withered grass was seen on them, so they may not have been pretty!
Psalm 129v6, 2 Kings 19v26

Bible artist said...

Thanks Paul! That's helpful.