Monday, May 21, 2007

Bible Exhibitions

Just finished the latest Bible picture story which covers John 18:13-40.
The story includes the 'Trial of Jesus' before Caiaphas and Pilate, and 'Peter's denial'.
There are 8 pictures in this set, and the story is available in powerpoint, or A3 poster form. Click here for details.
This brings our total Bible picture count to 672!

We are temporarily pulling off illustrating the Gospel of John to complete some urgent Bible exhibition work, but don't worry! All the stories that we complete for the Bible exhibitions will be available as normal in powerpoint or poster form from the Bible picture website.

Some of the new stories, (to be completed in the new style), will include:
Birth of Christ
Early years of Jesus,
Temptation of Christ,
Parables of Jesus including:
The lost coin,
The good samaritan,
The prodigal son,
The lost sheep.
Blind Bartimaeus,
The rich young ruler,
Healing of the 10 lepers,
The Transfiguration,
The Ascension, and many more!

If you would like more information about our Bible exhibitions, or would like to host one, contact Jem Hudson at:
The new Bible exhibitions will be touring schools in the UK and Germany.


Horseman said...

Depth, lighting, expression - amazing. Is that pink in the background the sky/sunset? I like your version of the outward form of Jesus.

Should Jesus have a seam in his robe? I don't know. Did the Jews back then have the uncut locks on the sides of the head, or was that some relatively recent development? If they did, I may do a pic of Christ with the hair.

Keep up the good work. You reep what you sow...

Bible artist said...

Many thanks for your comments.
Yes, it is the sky in the background, but it's the beginning of a sunrise not a sunset.

The trial before Caiaphus began illegally after midnight. (into the early hours).
Over the eight pictures illustrated, the sky becomes progressively lighter until the sun begins to rise very early in the morning in picture 8. (sample picture).

Should Jesus have a seam in his robe? In a word, No!
Every time I draw a shoulder seam on the robe of Jesus I think "should I be doing this?" but I usually satisfy myself with the thought that maybe the seamless garment was worn under his outer garment.

There's also another problem with showing a shoulder seam. When you look at the methods of garment manufacture in Bible times, most of the seams appear under the arms, not on top! (unless sleeves have been added to a coat).
My reason for drawing these seams is purely aesthetic, They look good! They break up what would otherwise be a visually uninteresting upper arm area. But you are correct in pointing this out, aesthetics shouldn't override biblical facts! I stand corrected!

The Law that governs the uncut locks of hair, 'Peyot', (which must be grown down to the joints of the jaw), goes way back to Leviticus 19:27.
At the time, Idol worship was rife, and it was believed by those involved that shaving the head around the sides, (just leaving a round tuft of hair on top), was pleasing to the gods! The children of Israel were commanded not to do this.

I do illustrate some of the pharisees with peyot, but should the Lord Jesus be illustrated with them? I'm not sure, It's an interesting point. in the sample picture you mention. He does look like He has them, although it wasn't intentional.

There's also a lot of debate about the length of Jesus' hair which will require a separate post to cover! Watch this space.

You mention in your comment about doing a picture of Jesus. Do you do Bible art?
If so, send me a link to some of your samples that we can include on the blog.
Many thanks again for the helpful comments.

Bible artist said...

I do mention the seamless garment way back in the 'What did Jesus look like?' post.

Paul Green said...

We will never know what Jesus looked like. I suspect we are all wrong in our depictions. It is impossible to accurately portray a person we have no description for. You might as well ask me to draw President Kennedy based on his speeches and life and no physical description. I would be 100% certain to paint a portrait that had little resembalance to him apart from his clothing. All Presidents wear suits. I would even have to guess if he had a full head of hair, was thinning or was nearly bald.
So portraying Jesus accurately is impossible and will always just be a representation. A guess. We don't even know his height or weight. We can deduce his hair style from what was normal for devout Jews of that time period. And we can have a good idea of his clothing by the same deduction. But nothing else. Maybe his hair colouring which would most likely be brown-black. Were there any blond Jews? That's a thought.

Bible artist said...

This is very true.
I was making the exact same point a couple of weeks ago when speaking to a Reverend. We concluded that every Bible artist will probably be wrong in their interpretation of Jesus, but no one will be disappointed!