Tuesday, June 05, 2007

My favorite Bible artists #3

Clive Uptton 1911-2006
Clive Uptton was a Wartime political cartoonist for the Daily Sketch between 1940-1942. He was a left handed artist like myself, but wrote with his right hand!
You can actually tell he was left handed from his Bible pictures! (left handed artists draw the shine in peoples eyes on the left hand side! Right handed artists draw it on the right.)
As well as his pen and ink drawings he liked to work in watercolors, oils and acrylics, Following the war he became an internationally successful illustrator, poster artist and painter, painting both landscapes and portraits. In 1930 Clive Uptton added an extra 't' to his name to avoid confusion with another illustrator of the time named Upton.

In the late 1960's Clive Uptton was commissioned to produce 121 full-color Bible illustrations for 'Egermeier's Bible Story Book. I first came across Upttons Bible pictures in the Ladybird Bible stories series, (606A). In my humble opinion he was the best artist in this series. I'm not sure if these pictures were reprints from the 'Egermeier's Bible as I don't have one to compare them with.
It's easy to spot a Bible illustration by Clive Uptton, as all his characters seem to have big brown eyes! I particularly like the facial expressions he manages to capture.

Uptton died shortly before his 95th birthday.

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Paul Green said...

Clive Uptton also provided Bible illustrations for the UK children's educational magazine "Look and Learn."
We read this every week at our school. Being a child I was disappointed it wasn't a traditional comic but it was packed with great colour illustrations and strips by accomplished artists. What a pity such publications no longer exist. www.lookandlearn.com features all the artwork including a magazine the publishers produced called "Bible Story." The artwork is dynamic.

Kevin Spear said...

Warner Press continues to sell Egermeier's Bible Story Book. A revised version will come out this summer. There is no doubt Mr. Uptton's work is one of the reasons the book continues to sell well.

Bible artist said...

Paul, many thanks for the link to 'Look & Learn'.
I had forgotten how superb the artwork was.

We grew up with this magazine in the 60's. It really did contain the best of British illustration!
Some of the Bible illustrations are amazing, I must add a link to this site.
I can feel a new post coming on too!

Bible artist said...

Hi Kevin
Many thanks for the info on the Egermeiers Bible.
I will definitely be adding that to my shopping list.

I will also be adding a link your site too!
Many thanks!

Jessica said...

Thank you for the helpful information about Clive Uptton. I happen to have a 1969 printing of Egermeir's Bible Story Book that I picked up at a used book sale. The title page does not credit who the illustrator is, though now that I look closely, some of the illustrations do show his signature.

Here is an example image from the book that you might compare his style. I picked the paralytic story because you had another post discussing historical accuracy in illustrating the hole in the roof.
Image of paralytic story illustrated by Uptton

Bible artist said...

Thanks Jessica!
I'm still trying to get hold of a copy of Egermeiers Bible, (illustrated by Clive Uptton). I bought a small black & white paperback version from Ebay thinking that it was a much larger color one-!! (I keep forgetting to look at the book measurements!)

Yes, most children's bibles that I have sadly do not give a credit to the artist!
This makes it very hard to find out who the artist is unless they sign their work, which most don't!

My regards to San Diego!

JTay said...

Wierd... I draw the shine in a person's eye on the left hand side, but I'm right handed. Though i've also had people tell me I form my letters like a left-handed person, also.

Love this blog! Lots of great information for me as I create artwork and illustrations for my church!

Bible artist said...

Thanks Justine. It sounds like you might be a left handed person trapped inside a right handed body!!

Seriously though it's normally a good indication.
I've also noticed that my free hand drawings tend to warp towards the top left hand corner, and I've noticed that the drawings by some right handed people warp up towards the top right corner.

Love your paintings!

Julie said...

I just stumbled on your site. Wow! Really wonderful resource.

I grew up with Egermeier's and my kids wore out 3 copies! I'm looking at one printed in 1955 that says "Beautifully Illustrated" on the cover, but never names the illustrator. I assume this is Uptton? Most of the pictures say "Providence Lithograph".

I know that here in the US there are companies that have reprinted Egermeier's, but don't know if they credit Uptton.