Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Biblical costume photos

The very first Bible costume photo references have gone up on BibleArtist.com.
With more photos to follow shortly!
The photos were kindly supplied by LEGIO SECVNDA AVGVSTA, The Roman Living History Society based in Winchester, UK. Check out their site here.

The copyright owners have kindly given permission for the photos to be used for reference by Bible artists in their illustrations.
If you have any photos of people in Biblical costume, contact Bibleartist.com


Paul Green said...

I like your technique of fading the background and foreground in your Bible illustrations to create depth Graham. It is very effective.
Those Roman skirts look a bit chilly in the photos. Am I correct in saying they wore a form of breeches to cover their legs in winter months?

Bible artist said...

Yes indeed.
The breeches came to just below the knee, and were black or dark blue in color apparently. There seems to be some debate about the tunic color. Some say they were off white as in the photos, some say red.