Friday, August 31, 2007

'ICC Competition' Winners!

Congratulations to the winners of the second 'International Christian Comics Competition'! Especially to Kevin Dzuban, (USA), who won first prize for his entry "An Adventure of Faith".
''Cranky Bob's Sheep Parable'' by Matt Baker, (Australia), came in second, and
"Safe Landing" by Ben Hartnett, (Australia), took the third prize.

Congratulations also to Fernando (Gade) de Souza, winner of the 'Amateur' section for his entry "Book of Solutions"

There's still time, (If you're quick), to vote for your favorite in both the Professional and Amateur sections for the 'Peoples Choice Award'. Click here. to view the exhibition.
Well done to Nate for organizing such a great competition!


Paul Green said...

Thanks for posting the ICC Competition winners Graham. Interesting to see the styles and stories from different cultures. Sadly I found the choice of winner to be lacking in originality or subtlety. I'm not doubting this is a skilled artist. I just didn't care for their approach to the subject. A matter of personal taste. I voted for the Australian entry "Soup Kitchen" about homeless people. Cynical but more biting and down to earth than the winner.

Bible artist said...

There were some strong entries from Australia in this competition. One of my favourites was 'I love my cat' by Ben Hartnett.
Some of Dean Rankine's ideas are really wacky, and would have great appeal to youth.

It was a difficult competition to judge because of the cultural differences in ideas. It did help that the judges were international though.

I also quite liked Alain Auderset's entries from Switzerland.

Horseman said...

My favorite was the B&W comic Solomon's Song of Songs by KATHLEEN WEBB. I voted for that one.

Bible artist said...

Yes, she has an interesting style. There is just a hint of Manga in her character designs.

Her use of tones reminds me of the zippertones, (or Letratone) that illustrators used a lot in the 70's!

Paul Green said...

Letratone!! Aaaaaarrrgghh!!! That reminds me of the multiple acetate overlays I had to apply at World Distributors Graham. I couldn't believe that not only did the artist have to pencil and ink their artwork, we also had to do what I considered the printer's job and apply all these overlays of various letratrone dots
plus photopaque for solid areas of colour.
The artists have it easy today in comparison. No accidentally cutting into your artwork through layers of acetate with the razor sharp scalpel as you applied the letratone.

Bible artist said...

Aaahh, those were the days! Rubbing down Letraset, and then filling in all the cracks with a pen because the sheet had dried out!
We are showing our age Paul, lol.

Paul Green said...

Not age Graham! Experience. :)