Saturday, January 26, 2008

Nazareth Village gift shop

The Nazareth Village gift shop is now back online!
There are lots of interesting products available, definitely worth a visit! The website is nice and easy to use too, Well laid out with nice graphics. You can visit the Nazareth Village website here.

I've just ordered a few items that will be helpful as reference, so I'll let you know what the service is like. I was told by someone last week that it's a great place to visit to, if you're ever in the Holy Land!

Update 7th Feb 08:
Received my order from the Nazareth Village Project! The service was quick, and all the products that we ordered were of a high quality.
The book 'The Nazareth Jesus Knew' is a very helpful book, with superb photographs, a mine of information for the Bible artist! I recommend it.

Top marks to Nazareth Village!


Violet N. said...

Graham, thank you for leaving a comment on my Bible Drive-Thru. Your site is a wealth of riches. I'm excited to have found it and will be back often to explore your wealth of information and links.

I browsed very quickly through your sidebar and didn't see one interesting illustration link that I found when looking for pics to use. It's Bible story books illustrated with Lego. Link to some pictures is here:
(Obviously, they are not available for me to use on my blog, but an interesting concept.)

Bible artist said...

Thanks Violet!
I will add that one to my links!
Glad you like the blog, and hope to see you again soon!

Daldianus said...

The Brick Testament is pure genius indeed!!!

Bible artist said...

Brendan Smiths subtle humor is lost on most people. He has ended up creating a very helpful christian resource which has been well used! (although I'm not sure that that's what he originally intended! Ha ha.)
I have included a link under 'general interest'.

Paul Green said...

When I was a kid I had a "Bayko" set. It was made by "Meccano" famous for their complex metal models. I loved my "Bayko" set. I will scan an advertisement to show you what it looked like. I imagine a scale model of the Temple at Jerusalem could have been built using the fundamentals of this kit. Or any other Biblical structure.

Paul Green said...

For those interested here's a link to a Bayko site -

Bible artist said...

It looks like amazing stuff Paul!
I don't remember Bayko. must have been before my time. ;0)
I was a lego man! Although we did have a 'Meccano' set that had been passed down from my uncle.

Paul Green said...

Lego has stood the test of time and is more user friendly, versatile and safer than Bayko ever was. But I preferred the realism of Bayko buildings. And as you can see from all the websites dedicated to Bayko those who had a kit as a kid never forgot it.
I know this has nothing to do with Bible illustration but there's nothing wrong with nostalgia for times when the computer didn't rule our minds.

Bible artist said...

Very true Paul.

Now, I just need the Nazareth village gift shop to start selling lego, then all of the above comments will be relevant to this post!
I might suggest it.

Linda Clement said...

This is a rather embarrassing question but the children in my Sunday morning bible class, Ages 10-14, asked me where Bible people went to the bathroom?

Can you refer me to a book or do you know the answers. I can say that I do not know the correct answer and pray that you do.


Bible artist said...

Hello Linda
I'm afraid that I'm not an expert on biblical toilets (although I'm sure that someone out there is!)

I tend to research things which I'm about to illustrate so unless a particular Bible story includes a toilet, which they tend not too, I'm unlikely to research them.

I do mention Saul going into the cave in one post but that's about as close as I get, sorry.

umesh said...

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