Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sackcloth Garments

We have a question from Jessica in California:
"What would sackcloth garments have looked like?"
I thought that I would throw this one open to readers of the blog. I will try to find a suitable picture to add to this post after I've received some answers.


Paul Green said...

This sounds very uncomfortable Graham.

Smith's Bible Dictionary

Sackcloth, [N] [T] [E]

cloth used in making sacks or bags, a coarse fabric, of a dark color, made of goat’s hair, (Isaiah 50:3; Revelation 6:12) end resembling the eilicium of the Romans. It, was used also for making the rough garments used by mourners, which were in extreme cases worn next the skin. (1 Kings 21:27; 2 Kings 6:30; Job 16:15; Isaiah 32:11)

Paul Green said...

There is an illustration of a person wearing a sackcloth garment on this site:

deboraw said...

I've always pictured 'sackcloth' like that of our 'burlap' sacks we sometimes get seed potatoes in for garden planting, but I really am hopeful that is NOT what it is like...that would be extremely uncomfortable also. LOL--Deboraw

Anonymous said...

hey I have a question, I have been looking in the bible for info on painting in the word, and have only been able to find info on weaving, gemcutters and scuplture, i don't have enough money to work in gold, but where is what WE do(paint..since i am finding most paints toxic) in the bible. thanks