Thursday, April 30, 2009

Spot the Mistake!

Elisha by Clive Uptton
Here's a picture taken from the new 'Egermeier's Bible Story Book.' The picture is by one of my favorite Bible artists Clive Uptton and shows Elisha with the Shunammite woman. (2 Kings 4:18-37)
Can you spot the mistake? I'll add the first correct answer below.

The correct answer came in from Nikolaj from Belgium. Well done Nikolaj! The answer is:
Elisha was Bald!
This is a common mistake made by Bible artists. The reason for this is, I think, due to the fact that the most popular depictions of Elisha are when he is present at the translation of Elijah in 2 Kings 2:1-11.
The Bible artist would need to read on past this story to verse 23 to know that Elisha was bald!

The only reason that I've mentioned this is that I was thinking the other day how helpful it would be if publisher brought out a 'Bible Artist's Bible'. A reference book that gave a physical description, (where possible) of every character in the Bible along with a time-line showing the age of each character at the different events in their lives. This would stop Bible illustrators drawing a young Daniel in the Lion's Den! There may already be a book like this available. Let me know if you see one!

It's not only Bible artists who would benefit from a book like this, I'm sure that Bible students, writers, film makers and many more would welcome an easy to follow reference guide to Bible characters.

Picture © Warner Press 2009


The Bearded Belgian said...

Isn't he supposed to be bald?

Bible artist said...

Well done Nikolaj! Top marks!

The Bearded Belgian said...

Yeah, the story with the mocking children has left quite an impression on me. Hence the knowledge :P

deboraw said...

Graham, I have seen that picture before, and I believe there is more than one mistake, but I can't quite put my 'finger' on what. The one about the bald head should be obvious. Kind of like the post you had about reading your text and illustrating Jesus walking on the water in the daylight. But being far from even touching the hem of the garment as far as illustrating goes myself...

Nikolaj, maybe we ought to bring out that lesson more often (children). My husband has said he is very glad they didn't enforce the 'law' about stoning rebellious children when he was a child. Smile. Deboraw

Bible artist said...

I remember reading somewhere that the youths were a little older than children (possible teenagers?) which made the story slightly less shocking.

Let me know if you find the other mistake Deboraw.

deboraw said...

Graham, what an excellent idea! You have my second on it. As far as the 'children' I know I've read that they were older also. I think Bible idea of youth went far beyond our ideas of it. Benjamin you remember was a grown man with a family--I'm sure that's correct--and Jacob didn't want to let the 'child' go. Deboraw

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Bible artist said...




Bible artist said...

I found the comment about the youths being older. It's in the footnotes of the Amplified Bible. The Hebrew word for youth (naar) is used.

deboraw said...

Graham, I believe it was Mark Twain who wrote that when he (Mark Twain) was 18 his father was quite ignorant, but it was amazing how much the 'old man' had learned by the time (Mark Twain) had turned 20.

I'm amazed at how much I thought I knew at 18 also. LOL But I never took on a prophet of God. Our few years of 70, 80, or even 90 to 100 aren't even a drop in the bucket compared to Adam, or Methuselah-- or God.

I'm going to have to have my son translate those last couple of comments, that seems to be one language I have not studied. Smile. Deboraw

Bible artist said...

It's only Chinese Deboraw!

Bible artist said...

I'm fluent if every language on Google language tools!

deboraw said...

I was hoping it was Japanese. When we set up our 'new computer' (our computer when it WAS new) there were some directions in Japanese--so we emailed them to one of our sons. He is fluent in Japanese--it was something funny like 'this side up' or what not. Glad we hadn't agonized over them though! LOL But I kinda figured it looked like Chinese. What I'm actually looking for is something that will translate my son's algebra into English.;+) Deboraw

Bible artist said...

We had a young Japanese man visit us many years ago. He was on business in the U.K. and he had been given our contact details by a Japanese missionary friend of ours. He taught us a well known Sunday School chorus in Japanese which I then taught the children in our kids club. The kids loved singing in Japanese! I can still remember the words now.

I can't help you with the algebra though Deboraw. I've never been able to use the mathematical part of my brain!

Unknown said...

Colored garments were very expensive in those days I think. Quite unlikely the woman would have one.

And was that deep green color of the dress even available? There were no artificial dyes back then.