Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The Great Bible Discovery update

The Great Bible DiscoveryThanks to Stefan Koelewijn from the Netherlands I now have the full 24 volume set of 'The Great Bible Discovery' series first published in France in 1983 as 'Déccouvrir la Bible'. This series of books contains some superb Bible art by some of the well known European comic strip artists such as Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri, Pierre Frisano, Carlo Marcello, Raymond Poïvet and many more.

Stefan has the remaining 19 volumes for sale which include numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17, 19, 21. 23 and 24. This is your chance to either buy that elusive copy to complete your own set or take this rare opportunity to start your own collection by buying all 19 copies from Stefan for a very reasonable €100 (+postage). This works out at just over €5 per copy which isn't much more than the original selling price. Remember, these books are rare and it's not unusual to pay over £30 for one! (I did!) Stefan is also willing to sell them individually for €10 each (+postage).

If you are interested in any or all of the numbers above, email me and I will forward on your email to Stefan. Good luck!

Further Update: 26.09.09
Stefan has just emailed me. He in willing to sell individual copies now for the bulk price of €5 each! I wish that I had met him earlier! Email Stefan to see which copies he still has available!
Further Update: 26.11.09
A lucky reader of the blog in Singapore has just snapped up all Stefan's copies of the Great Bible Discovery!

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Bible artist said...

It probably wasn't my best post but thanks anyway!

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Bible artist said...

Thanks for that GCN! I can't help thinking that this comment might be on the wrong post though!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I know I'm probably too late, but just in case, do you have or know anyone else who might have spare copies of the Great Bible Discovery that you/they might be willing to sell to me? I'm just discovering how brilliant these titles are, and want to collect as many as I can. Would appreciate any help!

Bible artist said...

Hi Matt
I have a spare copy of volume 5 which you can have free of charge. Email me your postal address and I'll send it on. This can start your collection!
The 6 volumes which make up the entire New Testament is now available in one book titled the 'Discovery Bible' printed by OM Publishing.

Anonymous said...

Seriously?! That's very awesome of you, what a champion, I'd love that. I'll indeed email you my address. Thanks so much.

Unknown said...

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