Saturday, January 26, 2008

Finding Harold Copping.

Dr Sandy Brewer very kindly loaned me her copy of the biography of Bible artist Harold Copping 'Finding Harold Copping' written by Sheila and Ken Wilson. I read it last night and can highly recommend it!

I've now added some additional information about Copping to the 'Harold Copping' post that you might find interesting.
Copies of this book can be obtained from the 'Shoreham & District Historical Society'.

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Paul Green said...

Thanks Graham. He may not be a favourite artist of mine but the book sounds interesting.

Theda Renee said...

Graham D Kennedy,please contact me concerning an original print of Harold Copping/"Hope Of The World" in excellent condition,glass,backing,matting,and frame.I do have another man very interested his name is Jacob.I wanted you to be advised since you are a Bible illustrator,and Copping is your favorite.
I thank~you,sincerely Theda
P.S.I reside in Arizona

Bible artist said...

Thanks Theda
It's mainly children's Bibles that I collect. If you have a Copping Bible I would be interested!

Unknown said...

Hi I have a Copping Bible F/sale in pretty good condition.
Whats the right price?

Unknown said...

I have a Copping Bible f/sale, in pretty good condition.
Make me a realistic offer.

Anonymous said...

i have (the hope of the world) printing by harold copping