Thursday, August 07, 2008

Healing of the Ten Lepers

Healing of the Ten Lepers
Our latest Bible picture story is the 'Healing of the Ten Lepers'.
(Luke 17:11-19).
Bible artist William Hole suggests that this area of the Nazareth road has a background of low hills which I have also used.
Picture one shows the lepers calling out to Jesus. Only a few of the lepers are covering their mouths, which was a requirement of the law regarding lepers, (Lev 13). My thinking behind this is that these desperate lepers would not want their voices to be muffled by placing their outer robe across their mouths when calling out to Jesus. In Matt 12:11 the Lord Jesus showed that in many situations, when help was needed, the law of compassion overrules the written law.

Picture 2 (above) shows the Lord Jesus instructing the lepers to go and show themselves to the priest in order to verify the cure. When the priests verified the cure, the gift commanded by the law would be offered. The entire chapter of Lev 14 describes the intricate commands for the ceremonial cleansing of a healed leper.

Picture 3 shows the lepers walking away from Jesus and being healed!
Notice that they were healed only when they followed the command of Jesus, not before. And so it was that as they went, they were cleansed. v14. Blessings follow obedience!
To find out more about the Samaritan leper, click on the 'Drawing a Samaritan leper' link below.

There are five pictures in this set which brings our total picture count to 720. This story will be added to the 'Bible picture website' shortly.

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Paul Green said...

I think these verses and this miracle is best viewed in relation to the preceeding text in Luke in which Jesus tells his disciples that the grace of God is not something they can make any claim on. They are only doing their duty as servants when obeying the word of God.
Likewise the miracle is an example of faith in God by a leper from Samaria. Jews cannot make an exclusive claim on God's grace. Salvation comes through belief and not nationality. This was a radical teaching and still is today to many who make claims on God through nationality or religious denomination.

Unknown said...

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