Thursday, August 07, 2008

Two Graham Kennedys?

There's a new series of children's Bible story books out! They were published last month by Christian Focus Publishing, written by Carine Mackenzie and illustrated by Graham Kennedy! No, it's not me! There's another Graham Kennedy!

The other Graham Kennedy's also an illustrator, and his dad also came from Ireland! And, strangely enough, he only lives about an hours drive from me in the historic city of Chester.
Graham and I also both freelanced in Manchester in the 80's, and we both have pictures of Clint Eastwood that we did many years ago displayed on the web! And to confuse people even more, Graham's now illustrated some Bible story books!

I just thought I'd clear that one up in case anyone's confused!


Bible artist said...

We also work in a slightly different way. The last time I spoke to Graham by email, he was still using traditional methods of coloring e.g. Gouache, inks etc.
Whereas I've moved over to digital coloring.

Paul Green said...

If you were both part of some Bible illustrator's union one of you would have to change names to avoid confusion. Stewart Granger was originally born James Stewart but was forced to change his name for obvious reasons.
But it has its advantages. When you get a poor review you can always say the other Graham Kennedy was the artist. LOL

Bible artist said...

Clive uptton added an extra 'T' into his name to save people getting him confused with another illustrator named Clive Upton.

Maybe I should add a third 'N' in Kennedy-!!
Graham Kennnedy?
Or maybe I should start using my middle name Donald!

Paul Green said...

Graham D. Kennedy sounds good. Whenever I do a search on my name I find the Paul Green School of Rock and Paul Green Shoes plus another writer Paul Green. He was a famous playwright from North Carolina.
But to have another artist with the same name, who lives nearby, and who illustrates Bible stories is unusual.

Bible artist said...

'Narcisurf' or 'Nacisurfing' are new words that have entered the English language. They are terms that describe a person who does an internet search for themselves!
If you search for Graham Kennedy, you get pages and pages of articles on the Australian comic!

It's a good way of contacting people that you want to speak to but haven't got an email address for.

If you blog about them, and mention that you would like to contact them, there's a very good chance that they'll be 'Narcisurfing' at some point and come across your article and get in contact! That's how I got in touch with the Bible clothing designer Grace Abdo.

Unknown said...

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