Wednesday, August 06, 2008

'Bible illustration' lecture at HBU!

Dr John Hellstern of Houston Baptist University will be giving a lecture on 'Illustrated Bibles' to members of the International Society of Bible Collectors in October (9th-10th). Other speakers will be Dr Naseeb Shaheen, professor at the Univ.of Memphis and author of Biblical References in Shakespeare's Plays who will speak on 'Shakespeare's Bible.'  John's colleague, Dr Donald Brake, Dean of Multnomah Seminary in Portland, Oregon will speak on the 'Greek Texts used in Bible Translating.' 

During the lecture John will be using Diana Shimon and myself as "examples of 21st century Bible artists who are working full-time in Bible art." He said that he wants to let people know "that Bible art is alive and well in the 21st century!"  John will be teaching an extension course in the Fall and Spring on 'Bible illustrating' out of Houston Baptist University, and will be using our pictures in these two seminar-type courses. All interested parties are welcome to attend the lecture. Contact Dr John Hellstern for more details.

The newly opened Dunham Bible Museum based at HBU looks fascinating! The museum contains one of the largest collections of Bibles in the U.S. including papyrus pieces, through manuscripts and scrolls, to 15th century printed Bibles. The display also includes a working replica of the Gutenberg press used to print the very first Bible in the 1450's. To arrange a visit contact Dr Diana Severance.


Christian said...

Dear Graham;

Congratulations to you and Ms. Shimon!!! Does that mean you will be visiting the States?


Bible artist said...

Hi Christian
I have had an invite from John Hellstern and I would love to attend but circumstances don't allow. I would love to visit the States though at some point.

We have a few readers of the blog from the Houston area so maybe one of them might attend and write us a short review for the B.I.B!

Paul Green said...

Congratulations Graham. That is quite impressive. Bev sends her congratulations as well.

Bible artist said...

Thanks Paul & Bev!

I won't start comparing myself with Gustave Dore just yet-!! Especially as he was one of the highest paid illustrators of his day. LOL.

Bernard Atkinson said...
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Unknown said...

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