Thursday, September 18, 2008

Guest Bible Artist interview #5

Annie Vallotton
Annie Vallotton.
You may not be familiar with the name 'Annie Vallotton', but you will almost certainly have seen her pictures! Which is not surprising as a press release I came across recently from publisher HarperCollins claims that Ms Vallotton is the "Best selling artist of all time!" What you might find surprising though is that this 'best selling artist of all time' is famous for her Bible pictures! Swiss born Annie Vallotton, who now lives in Paris, provided the line illustrations for the 'Good News Bible' back in the 60's. According to the press release from HarperCollins, Ms Vallotton's picture sales are in excess of 70 billion-!!
last month, the 'American Church in Paris' dedicated a new library to Ms Vallotton called the 'Annie Vallotton lending library' and Ms Vallotton attended the service. (see picture above courtesy of Mike Norris).
Our 'Contact in Paris' Paula Taquet-Woolfolk, who attends the ACP, very kindly offered to interview Ms Vallotton on behalf of the Bible illustration blog, and conducted the interview in both French and English.

Before we go into the interview I would like to share with you a little bit about Annie Vallotton that Paula discovered while having lunch with her.
Annie, fresh from her art studies, didn't launch herself into a career, but worked in the refugee camps during the second World War painting frescos on the walls making them more welcoming to the refugees who included families from Poland, Estonia, and the Baltic region. Annie worked through the night on the murals and slept during the day!
It was while working in a refugee centre in Toulouse that AV met her lifelong friend Jeanne Bulté. Jeanne Bulté was a social worker, who was assigned to work in the same refugee center in Toulouse. During the war, both Annie and Jeanne worked in the Resistance. Annie's Swiss nationality helped her when she transported mail back and forth. While working in the camps Annie and Jeanne met Bertie Albrecht, (the leader of the Résistantes - the female part of the Resistance). Bertie told Annie that Annie's grandfather, Paul Vallotton, had baptised her many years before!
Later, Annie saw Bertie Albrecht on one of the streets of Paris, heavily disguised. Bertie told Annie that she had acted insane while she was in prison so that she could get out. Bertie continued to work in the Resistance until she was killed by the Germans.
Annie comes from a very talented family. Her father, Benjamin Vallotton, was a well known writer and wrote 55 books. Her father's cousin was the well known painter Félix Vallotton. Annie's brother Pierre followed in the footsteps on his Grandfather and became a minister. He also built by hand many magnificent church organs! Annie herself is also very musical and plays the violin.

The Interview:
How did you come to illustrate the Good News Bible, and how many illustrations did you complete for it?
In the early 60s, a man from the American Bible Society, American Eugene Nida (currently living in Brussels), contacted me from Germany to ask me if I could come to Stuttgart where he had ten minutes only during which he wanted to see me. Was I willing? Yes I was willing. I met him at the airport and he had one of my very first books with him. He wanted me to make illustrations for the Good News Bible (GNB) an edition for children, and he wanted the same kinds of illustrations that I had done in this book. He said "I want very much to have Your illustrations because your illustrations are very simple, and we love them!"
He said "Are you ready to do this?" I replied "Yes, I am quite ready!" I was very excited. Then I started doing the Bible illustrations and I've been doing them all of my life! (AV laughs). I believe I did around 510 drawings!

All in Black and white?
Yes, all in black and white unfortunately. I have recently received a new edition published by the Korean Bible Society with my illustrations in color. I was very surprised to see it in colour! I believe this is the first edition of the GNB with all illustrations in color. I asked the American Bible Society to make one, they agreed, but I've been waiting for three years!

Can you remember how long it took you to illustrate the Good News Bible?
I can't remember. It took me a long long time I must say, I didn't want to have illustrations with many lines. My desire was to have just the main lines. This is why I did some of the drawings 80-90 times before I achieved the one I wanted. I wanted to simplify them the most I could. I wanted to get to the truth...the most important thing!

Did you have an interest in the Bible before you were asked to illustrate the GNB?
Yes, I became a Christian at one month of age, (AV laughs), so I've always been interested in the Bible. My younger brother, Pierre Vallotton, is a minister, (now retired). He was at the Reformed Church of Saint-Dié, in the Vosges (Église Réformée de Saint-Dié). He built the organ there and asked me to design six stained-glass windows depicting the Creation. It was a fascinating job to do! (see windows below). Also on one of the inside walls of the Église Réformée de Saint-Dié, there's a large painting by the French painter and Pastor Henri Lindegaard (1925- 1996).

Can you remember having any difficulty depicting any Biblical characters, or a particular Bible story?
No particular difficulties - I wanted to illustrate everything, even if it was very difficult. My desire made it easy. I wanted to reach the youngsters.

Your style has a timelessness about it due to its simplicity, and yet at the same time, you manage to get so much expression 
into each picture. Did you illustrate the GNB in your own style, or did you simplify your own style?

Yes, yes. Exactly so! I wanted to be as simple as I could, especially for the youngsters, but also for the adults too!

Many people have commented that your pictures never distract from the text, and never try to interpret the story. Was his difficult to accomplish?
I did not find this difficult to accomplish, because I tried to find total simplicity.

Did you find yourself having to do much research into Bible clothing, buildings, customs etc?
I had no need to research clothing or buildings, you see, I wanted drawings that were 'out of time'.

What did you use to illustrate the pictures with? Also, did you add colour to any of the pictures yourself?
I used a pencil to do the roughs and a pen to ink them. I never added color, someone else did that.

Do you still do any Bible illustrations?
Yes! What I am doing a lot now is speaking to children in many different churches. On 21st September I will be speaking at 'Temple du Foyer de l'Âme'. I am going to this church to speak to the children about the Lord, and to draw for the children. I hope to have a lot of children there. I will teach them a song also! (AV sings a little chorus for Paula, she's very musical!)

Have you illustrated any other Bible related books?
Yes, several. 'Priority: Jesus' life in 60 drawings', 'From the Apple to the Moon', 'The Mighty One and Sam', 'Who Are You Jesus', 'The Man who said No: Story of Jonah' also 'Blessed Are the Peacemakers'. I also worked with author Claire-Lise de Benoit. Our books were published in Africa in many different dialects. Over one hundred I believe!

Bible artists rarely get recognized for their work, but this month saw the opening of a library in Paris dedicated to you! (At the American Church in Paris)
Was this a big surprise to you?
Nothing coming from the Americans surprises me! (AV laughs). I was very, very touched, I love the American people.

I read on the internet recently that, according to the publisher Harper Collins, you are the 'Best selling Artist of all time'. Do you have any comments on that?
(Ms Vallotton laughs) Laughter is the king, and saves one's life! You especially need humor! Too many people read the Bible with a severe face! I say no, the Bible is not that! The Bible is life, and it is wonderful! (Paula agrees).

The photo above was taken in the church which Annie attends and shows her speaking to the children with the aid of an overhead projector. Annie Vallotton clearly loves children, and has dedicated her life to presenting the Bible message in the clearest possible way to them. It's fitting that the illustrator of the 'Good News' Bible is still active presenting the Good News in person! I would like to close with a quote from another interview with Anne Vallotton conducted by Annie Biroleau-Lemagny. (kindly translated by Paula Taquet-Woolfolk).
"She (Annie) attributes the success (of her pictures) to the simplicity, and the absence of ethnocentrism which permits each person to project his own face and his own culture onto her graphic suggestions".

Thank you so much again Ms Vallotton for agreeing to the interview. A big thank you also to Paula Taquet-Woolfolk for conducting the interview, and Mike Norris, also from the American Church in Paris, for providing the photo of the dedication service.
As Ms Vallotton has no internet access, I will send a selection of the comments that readers leave on this post for her to see.

Update: December 2009
Just received a Christmas card from Annie in which she writes:
"I love very much all what is said in the comments on the Bible illustration blog...... All the comments go in my heart because they look so sincere."
Annie goes on to say that she wants to write a reply to each comment which she is doing slowly. I will add these comments as soon as I receive them.

Black and white photo © Eglise Réformée de l'Oratoire du Louvre 2008.
Annie Vallotton illustrations © Bible society 2008

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Horseman said...

I find her work interesting. It seems that most of us here go for realism. But this is something so very different. It is primitive, simple... yet smart. I am sure there are people here that can better describe what I am trying to say. I found myself staring at each picture and getting the message, without distractions.

I really like the stain glass windows that you show in this post. But I could not figure out what the second one is about. Is it the tower of Babel... or is it suppose to be humanity as it filled the earth, ...or is this an abstract depiction of the Israelites down through time before she (Israel) gave birth to our Messiah?

Bible artist said...

Yes, there's a lot more to Annie's pictures than first meets the eye. I'm sure that most people don't realize the lengths she went to to achieve absolute simplicity. Over time, these pictures have become iconic, almost everyone has seen them at some point and many people still associate them with the 'Hippy era' of the 60's and 70's, which is of course when they came out.

Although Annie's art looks very simple, and although she may not have placed as much importance on historical accuracy, in terms of clothing and architecture, as others might, I have no doubt in my mind, having spoken to her, that she tackled the job with the same sincerity and passion that every other Bible artist has. She had the desire to communicate the truth of the Bible to every child. And that has to be our priority.

I've spoken to Annie twice over last few weeks and she's a lovely lady, full of joy! I can see why children like her.

The first two windows are depicting the first two days of creation but they are not quite as easily interpreted as the last four are.
If you click on the image you can see a larger version.

Paul Green said...

I personally find Ms. Vallotton's work too stark to create an emotional reaction.
A glance through a wider range of her "Good News" illustrations will highlight some quite sparse illustrations consisting of little more than stick figures. They look like preliminary sketches rather than finished artwork.
Those who find her artwork of interest will disagree with me. I prefer more detailed work. It’s just a personal preference.

Bible artist said...

One thing that Annie Vallotton has in common with all of the other Bible artists that have been interviewed so far on the blog is the desire to present the Gospel message in a clear way.
Although her style may not be to everyones taste, she has made a valid contribution to Bible art. Vallotton's aim was "to give maximum expression with a minimum of lines." No matter how accomplished an artist might be, that's not as easy as it sounds.

Horseman said...

You are right PaulG, it is stark –and we all know that it is meant to be this way. If I made a picture of Christ or Moses, you might say that he is too white. And if you made one, I might say he is too black. Or, people might say that their clothing back then did not have colors like that, or whatever. We would end up talking about things that relate to the scriptures, but not the scriptures. We may miss the point of the scripture, or be distracted from it. Her art is simple and PROMOTES THE SCRIPTURE. The art is... unselfish.

Bible artist said...

It's very interesting horseman that you describe Annie's Art as "Unselfish" because that's a very good description of Annie herself!

Horseman said...

Sorry for deleting the comment. I misspoke. Here is what I meant to say:

Graham, I think it is great that you were able to talk to her and gain from her wisdom. I think her post enriches the blogspot. It would be nice if we all could be more unselfish. Too often our expressions, be they words or art, advocate a selfish agenda. At this time I am reminded of the so-called Rev. Jeremiah Wright and his black liberation theology church (the one that Obama and family were part of for 20 years). This movement takes the ideas of Christianity and uses them for a selfish agenda, compromising the truth and creating strife in the process. But we cannot just single them out. They are merely a recent example that makes the point. We have always been this way, down through time, collectively and individually. Most everyone here knows this about human nature. I think such evil highlights our need for Christ. Our service and honor to him should be out of love, which is unselfish. This can be a hard thing... even when we create "Bible art". But it seems that Annie has been able to do that.

Bible artist said...

Yes indeed. Annie is very modest and rarely does interviews, so we are very honored!
I received a 'thank you' note from her this morning which was written on one of her illustrated note-lets that presents the Gospel.
She continues to be an inspiration!

deboraw said...

Graham, The point is every one will not illustrate things exactly in the same fashion. In another comment (somewhere on this site) someone stated their opinion of Kincaid's art. Now, I happen to enjoy his work, partly because as daily burdens press upon me, it is a relief to think there could be a simple place, with a rosy glow about it,even though of course it isn't real. In contrast, Annie's work is simple, but as my Grandmother used to say, "Each to their notion, said the little old lady that kissed the cow." Smile...Deboraw

adebanji said...

AMAZING! I am thrilled I have actually come to meet this artist at last. I remember owning one of these Bibles when I was very young and the only reason I kept this Bible was becuase of the ILLUSTRATIONS- they just seemed to answer the whole text in a POWERFUL convincing way. I wish she had a WEBSITE or does anyone know if she has one?

Thanks so much for this post!

Bible artist said...

Hello Adebanji
That's a coincidence! I was only reading about you last week on the Windsor and Newton website when I was sourcing some new paint brushes!

Unfortunately Annie doesn't have a website, or a computer for that matter!
Which is the reason that I couldn't interview her by email. Fortunately, our 'Contact in Paris' was able to interview Annie in person.
Thanks for your kind comments, I will send them on to Annie.

Unknown said...

I love her art. Now after your interview, I love it even more.

Bible artist said...

Thanks Malachi.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bible artist. After reading the blog entries, I believe it is you who can give a message to Annie Vallotton for me. I have never met her personally, but my husband of 35 years, Ken Vallotton has. He was with her at one of her picture, bible story presentations in California Bay Area as a teenager. His Grandma Bessie Vallotton and Annie had regular correspondence for many years before she passed on. Annie sent us a very special telegram on our wedding day those many years ago. I would like her to know that we still have it and think of her fondly. We send our gratitude for her sweet blessing on our marriage. Ken and I, Theresa, have two adult children, Claire and Matthew. We are now the proud grandparents of Celia, two years old next month. Fond greetings to Annie and appreciation for her wonderful working talent. Theresa Vallotton

Bible artist said...

Dear Theresa
Many thanks for getting in contact. I am sure that Annie would love to hear from you directly so if you email me at I will send you her postal address.

If I don't hear from you, I will send on your message above. But, knowing Annie, she would want to reply. Best wishes.

John H. said...

Just started following this blog. Very cool. As an illustrator who leans more in the direction of cartooning, I find Annie's work wonderful. It does all the things a cartoon does, allowing the viewer to fill in many of the details themselves. And yet, her drawings have a kind of "realism" that is hard to define. At any rate, I enjoyed learning about the woman behind the Good News illustrations.

Bible artist said...

I agree John. Annie worked hard to get these pictures so simple. Most people don't appreciate how much work went into them. Because of this, when viewing the pictures, your mind is drawn, not to the artist, but to the story! That should be the ultimate goal when illustrating the Bible. In the words of John the Baptist "He must increase, and I must decrease!"

Marissa said...

Thank you for this article. I'm one of those who have been blessed by Annie's work. At 10 years old, our school started a Bible class. The Good News Bible for children was my very first Bible - and very first exposure to God's Word. I'm not an academic child back then, but I read through this Bible past class hours and at home. The illustrations just drew me to the parables that made the living Word truly come alive for a young Filipino girl living in Manila. God had used Annie and her gift to draw me to Him...and I'm forever changed. Thank you, Annie! Blessings! ~Marissa

Bible artist said...

Thank you Marissa, Annie will be so pleased to read your comment.

Leo said...

It would be wonderful to meet and speak with Annie Vallotton. Just to thanks her for the marvellous drawings in the Good News Bible. Held my fascination with her drawings' simplicity and depth from an early age.

Bible artist said...

I'm sure that Annie would be pleased to meet you Leo if you're ever in Paris.

Unknown said...

I love her drawings. I come from the Philippines and the Good News Bible was translated to Tagalog (one of the main languages in the Philippines) and to many other languages in the Philippines and all of them had her drawings. I'm an illustrator on the computer and I make simple diagrams for the church and some para church organizations and I keep on remembering her (AV's) illustrations on how simple and truthful they were and I try to keep on continuing to try express that simplicity of the Gospel.

Thanks for featuring her.

Bible artist said...

Thanks for that Randy. I will pass on your message to Annie.

Girma Damte said...

I sent a message to Annie a few days ago, but I don't see it posted.
Girma Damte

Bible artist said...

Hello Girma
If you post a message on the blog it should appear almost immediately as your last one did.
Try posting the message again and I will pass it on to Annie. Many thanks.

Girma Damte said...

I have admired the Swiss artist for many years. The drawings in TEV Bible had a huge impact on me. Just a few days ago a librarian helped to find the name of the artist. To my great joy I found out that her name was Annie. I like first of all to express my heartfelt gratitude for her. She is an amazing person!
I have written for books already and now I like to write a pictorial book using Annie's drawings. Her picture will be in the book and I will give full credit to her. The book will be written in Amharic for the benefit of Ethiopians. I like to obtain permissionand blessings to go ahead with the project.

Thank you again.

Girma Damte

Bible artist said...

Thanks Girma.
I will pass on your message to Annie.
I'm sure that Annie will give you her blessings on the project, but you might want to contact the American Bible Society with regard to using her illustrations as they hold the copyright.

Girma Damte said...

Thank you for being a go-between between us and Annie. I just want you to know that I appreciate your kind devotion.

Gratefully yours,

Girma Damte

UNDERCover said...

Dear Ms Vallotton,

I am a "Born Again" (John C3 V 7) Christian and I read the Good News Bible and I love all your pencil drawings and I thank you enourmously for doing them all.

Yours Sincerely, John Teggart.

Birstall, Batley, West Yorkshire.

Bible artist said...

Thanks John, I will pass your comments on to Annie.

muichu said...

My early approach to Ms Annie Vallotton's illustrations was 35 years ago when I was a high school student in Hong Kong. I was fascinated by her illustrations on the Today's English Version Bible and my Bible class was not as dull as used to be. As a matter of fact, her illustrations had such an impact on me that led me to start making illustrations for my family Bible (the Bible which will be passed from general to general in my family), though the style is different as I am using silk painting techniques.
Thank you Ms. Annie Vallotton for your inspiration.

Bible artist said...

I would be interested to see some of your Bible pictures Muichu. I will also pass on your comments to Annie.

carol mason-corkery said...

Carol Mason-Corkery-Jan2010 -Hope you get this as this article is nearly two years old. As already commented, Annie's pictures also drew me into reading God's word when I became a Christian in the mid1970s. I am currently a gospel singer and am organising a new concert and a series of smaller concerts where I wish to integrate gospel music with a projection display of modern fine art and would like to include some of Annie's illustrations and wanted to know if I needed to get permission to do this.

Bible artist said...

Hi Carol
You might be best contacting the 'American Bible society' to ask their permission just to be safe. Because of how you intend using them I would be very surprised if they said no.


I just would like to say a big thank you to Annie. It's safe to say that it is because of Annie's drawings that I began reading the bible back in my high school years over 20 years ago. There was something about these pictures that caught my eye and made me even more interested in the bible stories. Simple yet powerful.

So once again: thank you Annie!

Bible artist said...

Will pass this on Citizen, thanks.

Girma Damte said...

I was plannihg to use the cute pencil darwings in my book for the Ethiopian people. But the American Bible society refused to give me permission. What shall I do?

Girma Damte

Bible artist said...

Hello Girma
You could always get an artist to do some Bible pictures for your proposed book in a similar style to Annie's. Maybe if there's any artists out there reading this you could contact Girma directly?

Joyce said...

I have had my bible since 1973 and have always enjoyed Annie's drawings. I'm writing this because I am a quilter and would love to embroidery her drawings and put them on a cross wall hanging but I would like to get permission from Annie to use her drawings. This wall hanging could test people's knowledge of the old & new testament stories. Can you help me get this message to her? I will acknowledge her as the artist on my quilt label. I would like to enter this wall hanging in quilt shows but if Annie objects to this, then it would be for my personal use only.

Bible artist said...

Hi Joyce
My apologies for taking so long to reply to this.
In terms of © you would need to contact the 'American Bible Society' as they own the © - not Annie.
I would be very surprised if they turn you down as you are only embroidering the images onto cloth for your own benefit. (Most people would just go ahead and do it!)
I'm sure that Annie herself would give you her blessing (and I will forward on your note to her) but at the end of the day it's down to the © holders.

Rhonda Wiley-Jones said...

I attended the 7th Baptist Youth World Conference in July 1968 in Berne, as a 15 year old teen. I recall little of the conference, but my conference book states that at the beginning of almost each session there is an agenda item, "Good News" with Annie's name next to it. I have handwritten in a Bible story associated with her name each time, but do not recall if she was actually there drawing, or if her drawings were shown, or something else.

I'm writing my travel memoirs and would like to add this detail. Thanks, if anyone can help me with this tidbit.

Bible artist said...

I'll ask Annie and see if she remembers!

Rhonda Wiley-Jones said...

I found some memorabilia, an article from the Arkansas Baptist paper dated August 8, 1968, today that states, "The Swiss-born artist, Annie Vallotton, who illustrated the new Bible translationwith simple sketches of Bible scenes, presented devotional messages to the youth delegates each evening using drawings, singing, and wry humor." I think I have my answer. Thanks for checking with her.

Muichu said...

Referring to the comment I left in Dec 2009, I did started the silk painting illustration for my Family Bible. Just as how Elijah passed his blessing to Elisha, I believe Annie has been sending her blessing to those who have a desire to play a part through their art to God’s message. Thank you and God bless you Annie.


Bible artist said...

Many thanks Muichu, will pass this on.

E. Townsend Schmidt said...

This was so amazing for me to find. When I became a Christian in 1983, I was given my first Bible - The Good News Bible. It was the illustrations that kept me in the word at a young age.
My wife and I work with English-as-a-second-language (ESL) and we have a weekly Bible class of several attendees from China, Congo, Iran, Japan, Russia, Ukraine, Peru living here in Kentucky.
Due to many different language levels, I draw out the story as we go trough it. They seem disappointed after I erase the marker board each week. People have been craving simplicity and they urge me to do more. I have had time to save and scan some drawings and have been posting them online. The rest are in a stack or sketched on wadded pieces of paper. I guess I'm making a version with no words. is where I have been posting them (it's a horrible looking site)- but you can see how much an influence her style has been to me. I never knew who did the drawings. My copy of the GNB does not have a name attributed. I found her name through a different copy that had even more drawings in it! Knowing now gives me a big picture to what God is doing in the world. This is such a joy to find this blog post! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to have found this blog site! My Aunt gave me the Good News Bible for a high school graduation gift in 1977. I always enjoyed the illustrations! I have been using the Bible for my studies and only today searched for the artist online.

I enjoyed reading all of the comments! It's great to know the artist is a woman.

Wolfram said...

My first contact with Annie Vallotton was the reformed church in Saint Dié, and the six windows representing the six days of creation - and much, much more in them. Not to forget the seventh, just a little arch above the entrance door, with somme stars and the letters A & O
Since three years, I am pastor in this church, living the same house as Pierre Vallotton lived in the late 50s and 60s, and I have not finished yet to discover details in these windows. Even having read the little booklet Pierre Vallotton had edited at about 1970, which explains the main lines but not all details.

I can only invite all lovers of Annie Vallotton's painting to pass at Saint Dié, to see, to meditate, to pray.
You will discover in this church not only the Risen Christ by Henri Lindegaard, but the central window "Le Christ aux sept miracles", the Christ and seven miracles, by Louis Rivier, a cousin of Pierre and Annie Vallotton, window that inspired Annie to the six first days of creation. This window shows the accomplishment of creation, knowing that Christ is not only accomplishment, but also the beginning. And we arrive another time at the little window A&O, at the opposite site to Rivier's.

Recently, Annie Vallotton dedicated a Bible for our children's group. This Bible is opened every week to tell God's Glory to the children.

kumaraguruparan said...

I am a non-believer. But I read Bible as a literary work. The simple but very effective illustrations by Swiss artist Annie Vallotton I like. I bought the copy of Good News Bible-Today's English Version in 1976. I remember Annie's illustrations still fresh in my mind. I referred her recently to Markovtsev Tatyana my artist-facebook friend whose style of art. resembles that of Annie. Kudos to the great artist.-Kumaraguruparan R India

Diana M. said...

I attend a small bible study class at my Methodist church in San Jose, CA. I recently discovered the Good News Bible. I am so excited to read it for the first time.

Today, I received an illustrated copy of the GNB, and I love the illustrations. The images are so beautiful, that I know that they will bring much to my life going forward. Thank you for them. Diana M.

Folusho Oyegoke said...

The very first bible i loved reading was the Good News Bible, and it was because of her illustrations. She has made the bible a delightful book worth reading. Even up till today, I still own a copy ☺ƒ̲̅ the Good news Bible. I wish she had a website with all her books and illustrations available for download! I really love her drawings and I am ernestly looking forward to her putting them online. Many thanks to her for she is a blessing to this generation. I also want the ASV and Good News Bible to give her more credit for her work.

Anita said...

Graham, this is simply fantastic! Love the interview with Annie (her line drawings are totally Holy-Spirit led, imho) and love what you're doing! Thank you and God bless you! Anita @chariscol on Twitter

Bible artist said...

Many thanks Anita!

Anonymous said...

RE: Mlle V. Her phenomenol understanding and depiction of body language demands my admiration and attention every morning as I use the GOOD NEWS version of the
Bible every day for my devotional reading. Please cnvey my appreciation and affection to her for the pleasure she has given me for many years through her line drawings. LuAnn

Bible artist said...

Annie has just moved to the South of France. I will be passing all the latest comments on to her - thanks for your comments everyone!

Anonymous said...

This day Saturday the 14th of September 2013, after my devotion and a reading in my GNB as usual, the thought came to me, who is this awesome artist that has fascinated me for years? What I have always said through the years is this "This man always succeeds with just a few simple lines to put so much persona, so much passion, so much inspiration into a picture. This is very rare gift indeed"
So while I meditated on this I decided to google search "good news bible graphic artist" and I stumbled upon this wonderful story. My first shock was discovering that its not a man but a woman, then I said of course, it's just like a woman to be so expressive.
I am so glad to finally meet Annie Valloton. God bless your dear soul unto eternal glory, in Jesus Name.

Fidelis Ojo

Girma Damte said...

We owe a lot to Annie Valloton, I will use her drawing on zacchaeus on my face book sometime this week. And later on the queen of Sheba. Bot are so cute!

Girma Damte

Emmanuel Raj said...

Why there is no Wikipedia page for this awesome, gifted person. Someone who know more facts about her can put-up a page for her in Wikipedia. PLeaseeeee. Thank you in antcipation

Bible artist said...

Many thanks Emmanuel, I'll have to have a look into that.

Preciousjewel said...

She brought the Word of God alive. To God be the Glory for using such an amazing woman.